Open Carrier Auto Shipment

An open car carrier is a standard in the industry. Whether you are moving multiple cars or just one, know that your vehicle will be in good hands. Open auto transports are often the most economical and convenient way to transport your vehicle.

Curious about how an open auto shipment works? It is very safe and simple! Your vehicle will be driven directly on to the carrier, it will be safely secured with chains or soft straps and it will be on it’s way to the destination. While on an open carrier you can expect your vehicle to experience all of the effects of being driven, except mechanically. This means that the vehicle will be exposed to weather, dirt, and debris just as if it were driven. If the truck drives through rain, hail, snow, wind, your vehicle will also experience it. This is the least expensive option and open auto carriers are readily available. If you are looking for a safe, dependable way to ship your vehicle, an open carrier is definitely an option for you!