Motorcycle Shipping

Need to ship your motorcycle? Look not further than Freightrunner Logistics! We are an industry leader in motorcycle shipment and will have your motorcycle delivered quickly and safely. We highly recommend shipping your motorcycle in an enclosed trailer, as it offers the highest amount of protection for the bike.

The Process:
The bike will be rolled onto the trailer and securely strapped down with soft straps. Many enclosed auto carriers have a special tracking installed on their floor to allow them to tie down your motorcycle from all angles, making your enclosed transport even safer. The bike will remain safe from weather events such as rain, hail and wind damage. The enclosed carrier will also protect the bike from dirt and debris that could blow up from the road on an open carrier. Once at the destination, your bike will be unstrapped and carefully unloaded from the trailer.

As you can see, we take every precaution possible to ensure that your motorcycle has a safe trip to it’s destination.