How long will my shipment take?
The delivery time can vary based on a few factors. First, dispatch times may vary based on origin and destination locations, seasonal fluctuations in the industry and carrier availability. Once your vehicle has been loaded onto the carrier, the transport time may be influenced by traffic, weather events and road conditions. It is best to speak with one of our customer service representatives to get an up to date estimation of delivery time when requesting your quote.

Can I track my shipment?
Yes. You will receive email notifications when your vehicle has been assigned to a truck, picked up, and delivered. You may also call us at any time for a more detailed update on your vehicle’s shipment.

The auto transport process seems to be very overwhelming. Where do I even start?
We understand that transporting a vehicle can be overwhelming but Harvester Trucking is here to take that burden off of you! Simply fill out the quote request form located to your right. You will receive an email with a price quote to transport your vehicle. Once you review this information, you are able to place your order by calling us or placing your order online. At this time, you will be assigned to your very own customer service representative who will be with you throughout the entire process.

What if I’m unable to attend the delivery of the vehicle?
If you are unable to attend the delivery that is okay. However, someone must be appointed to be there in your place. A person must be present to inspect the vehicle and sign the inspection report. If you will not be present at the destination for the delivery, please let us know ahead of time.

Can I pack additional items in my vehicle?
Typically the answer is no. First and foremost, auto transport companies do not have the authority to haul household goods. Auto transporters and moving companies have separate rules and regulations, therefore the correct items must be hauled by the correct carrier. Secondly, adding additional items to the vehicle adds extra weight. Trucks have a weight limit that they must not exceed. If the truck is found to be overweight they could face fines and penalties. Lastly, items packed inside of the vehicle are not insured or included on the inspection report that is done at the time of pick up and delivery. The auto transport company is not responsible for anything damaged or missing from inside the vehicle. Because of these risks, many drivers will either not accept the vehicle while the items are included or charge an extra fee for hauling the items.

If you find that you must pack items in your vehicle, try to keep it light. We recommend 100 pounds at the most. Keep the items out of sight by packing them in the trunk or safely secure them in the floor. If you plan on packing items inside of your vehicle, please let us know while placing your order.